Thứ Sáu, 14 tháng 10, 2016

Japan to expand Djibouti military base to counter Chinese influence

By Nobuhiro Kubo,Reuters Thu, Oct 13 12:12 AM PDT  
By Nobuhiro Kubo
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan will lease additional land next year to expand a military base in Djibouti, eastern Africa, as a counterweight to what it sees as growing Chinese influence in the region, three Japanese government sources said.
China is seeking closer ties with African nations that could help it gain access to natural resources and provide new markets. Beijing said late last year it would pump $60 billion into development projects on the continent, cancel some debt and help boost agriculture.
Earlier this year, Japan also pledged to increase its support to infrastructure, education and healthcare projects in Africa, committing an extra $30 billion in public and private support.

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