Thứ Bảy, 15 tháng 11, 2014

Bản án 6 năm tù dành cho tội giết một mạng người ư?

Kính gi đ tưng:
Tôi không ngh v x án đơn gin như vy.
Ɖȃy là mt v c ý giết ngưi do 2 ngưi đàn bà đã đá vào đu Annie, hoc do nhng vết thương khác ca đồng bọn.
Trong phiên tòa không có luật sư bênh vực Annie phát biểu.
Quan toà Thomas M. Goethals nói gì mà nghe như ông ta là kẻ mất trí vậy?
Những điều ông ta nói không giúp sáng tỏ sự công bng của việc xét xử.
Bản án 6 năm tù dành cho tội giết một mạng người ư?
Hãy nghe dư luận khp nơi lên tiếng về vụ xử án giết người này.

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  • Q 39 minutes ago
    a bump caused someone to loose their life what a joke are these 2 hoes 10 years old? and why are they crying? I bet the video of the fight does not show one tear shed at the time of the incident, the tears now are not because they are remorsefull it's because they fear their future so it's all about them, I read about these IDIOTS that video these crime scenes and think the #$%$ is funny I believe that everyone that videoed this incident and did not attempt to break it up should be charged with complicity or accessory to a crime it's the only way the judicial system can prevent Morons from continuing this type of behavior!
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  • Jack 20 hours ago
    6 years?! For killing someone with witnesses and caught on tape?! No wonder why there's so much violence. People have been in jail longer for possession...
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  • gary 14 hours ago
    6 YEARS!!!! WOW six years and they will be out in 3 for good behavior for KILLING someone! Many people got much more prison time for just having POT on them! This just shows and is SOLID PROOF of how screwed up the laws are here in the United States! I hope this story is placed on facebook,twitter and you tube etc just so the rest of the world sees this. Now a days in schools they give time outs! I would of laughed at getting a time out when i was a kid! I would of learned NOTHING at all from getting a time out! KIDS HAVE NO FEAR THESE DAYS!!!!
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  • WCox 19 hours ago
    Self-defense? The woman was already on the ground when these two women kicked her to death. This was no less than second degree murder and they got off with 6 years. Worse, they'll probably be released in less than 2 years. A senseless murder followed by a travesty of justice.
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  • Charles 11 hours ago
    What is up with the judge? Just because a person has never had a run in with the law, you think it is safe to assume they have always been upstanding law bidding citizens that just lost their cool and beat a woman to death. On paper there are many people we all know that have never had a ticket or accident but you would not dare step foot in the car they are driving hell not even on the road while they are driving. Absence of a crime does not always make you less of a criminal. To do what they did drugs, alcohol and a disagreement would not lead the average person to do something like this, but soft face, some tears, and a bias to feel your gender could not do such a crime normally and 6 years might seem too much for other people to agree with them getting for killing someone.
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  • American Muscle 6 hours ago
    Not good enough. Today's society is TAUGHT that clubs are public boxing rings to live this false fantasy of vanity. Young people are taught to live this lifestyle of thuglife, and being the center of attention and EVERYONE needs to be known in some fashion or another and even not knowing you results in club fights like this. It's absolutely pathetic and if you are a clubber, and this is how you think? That everywhere you go people who have no idea who you are should give you the highest level of respect because you're ignorant enough to buy 120$ useless, uncomfortable shoes, but cant buy groceries for your kids then you deserve whatever happens to you without any remorse. People like this woman? Are a disease. And it's been spreading like a plague and it needs to stop.
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  • MASQUERADE99 17 hours ago
    What a loss, what is wrong with people today, you tell me that there was nobody that could have help or assist in this brutal beat up or was there on spectators cheering on this sensless crime, ridiculous I say and what again a loss. I am amazed that this is what people have been reduced to..These women should get more time and they got what they deserve in my opinion. It is easy to feel sorry for what they done yet at the time they were having fun, so I do not feel sorry for these women at all like the old time show song went, don't do the crime if you can't do the time..
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  • AmyG 17 hours ago
    I've never felt compelled enough to hit anyone to the point of actually lashing out and doing it since I was about 9 years old. This sort of thing baffles me, that some petty argument during a night out can cause a couple of women to beat another to death. Six years isn't long enough time to serve. Even if they didn't mean to kill her, the sort of person who willingly does such a thing should be locked-up longer than six years.
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  • Laboo 17 hours ago
    I don't know these girls or the victim but I have known bullies and very mean girls who just feel they have the right to kick the #$%$ out of anyone and they get some kind of thrill out of it. They think it's funny and they think they are cool. They should get more that 6 years. The only remorse these girls probably have is that they got caught other than that they would have spent the rest of their lives bragging about how great they were and laughing about what they did to this lady.
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  • Steve 2 hours ago
    Wow just six years? As a young teen but old enough to go to prison I got into a lot of trouble and was convicted of a lesser crime , much lesser crime and did four years. I find it pretty f-ed up that a judge would think the life of this person whom isn't here any more isn't worth or wasn't worth more then six years of the killers life. Pathetic judges we have who will give a killer a few more days then what I did for a crime that was far from a killing. This judge should be ousted too in my opinion.
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