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Dear Mr. Blackburn: 02/26/2012

Saigon Television News and Social Media Network
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March 26, 2012
Auburn Muckleshoot Casino
General Manager
Mr. Darryl Blackburn
2402 Auburn Way S
Auburn, Washington 98002
Dear Mr. Blackburn:

Thank you for your letter dated March 14, 2012 to our company in which you show your honest attitude toward the misunderstandings of the policy arisen from the lack of complete information on the Casino Web Site, as well as the links on YouTube™ to some unauthorized video tapes made on your premises that you have not been aware of, thus led to our sending an employee to take a video tape about a Vietnamese community entertainment show on the stage of the Galaxy Club on the night of February 12, 2012.
At, we perform the role of a media-reporter to the Vietnamese communities around the world; especially, for the public entertainment purposes, we gather information from the Internet news and on public newspapers so that we send our editor to the scene for a video reporter; consequently, the information and/or the database the Web site publicly distributes is the reliable source of our reference. However, if you say that the casino’s policy is not completely included or well explained on the casino Web site, and thus causes our misunderstanding, then the issue is different.

Honestly speaking, the misunderstanding was well said but not resolved yet; therefore, we believe that you should refer us to the casino’s insurance company to investigate the losses we have suffered through the lack of the information that should be clearly defined and publicly known to the public. The loss consists of the shame and dishonor made by your security guard to our video reporter before the crowd, a shameful incident that has never happened for 13 years we work as media reporters on many racial events throughout California. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Hoang Hoa (Editor in chief of

The Auburn Muckleshoot Casino 02/29/2012

Saigon Television News and Media Network (
PO Box 391063
Mountain View, CA 94039
February 29, 2012

The Auburn Muckleshoot Casino
Mr. General Manager
2402 Auburn Way South
Auburn, WA 98002
Dear Mr. Blackburn:
On behalf of the Saigon Television News and Media Network (, SGF) we would like to appreciate your time sending us your letter dated February 23, 2012 that confirms the policy the Auburn Muckleshoot Casino (AMC) concerning the incident happened to Mr. Le, our video reporter, at the Galaxy Stage on February 12, 2012.

Our editors come to a conclusion that defines our mission as a media network, communicating with other communities around the world on many television channels and Web Sites, we believe that we did not contact the AMC before we sent our reporter to the Galaxy Stage (GS), but relying on the info on poster by a group of Vietnamese entertainers that host the performance on the GS that night; as well as the AMC’s policy on its official Web Site about any other Asian Nights are free admission, and we observed that never is there any permission required for video tapes at those Asian Nights shows. Before sending our video reporter we did search and collect information related to the activities of the AMC, and we found out many video clips taken on the GS posted on YouTube™ by AMC’s fans. Please view the below reference.

We know that your patrons’ privacy is important, and we confirmed ourselves before our video reporter left California for Auburn that the video was strictly for the show on the stage only, never was it for any other places like games, drawing machines, or else inside AMC that night. Consequently, we came to the GS around 6pm to examine beforehand inside the GS, there were not any security guards at the time, and the entrance was publicly open to all American guests. We examined the GS carefully, but we could not see any signs prohibiting and/or warning the videographer to get permission; therefore, we believe that we do not have any reasons to report our videos to anybody.  At 8pm when we came back there were two security guards with lines being set up and our video reporter obeyed the order to place the camcorder on the table for a security guard to check, and the latter let him enter the GS. Obviously, the AMC’s policy is not unique. It is unreasonable when you took whichever policy from anywhere to explain the unhappy incident when our video reporter was forced to leave the GS with threats to have the camcorder confiscated, but right from the beginning, the AMC cannot have enough logic to claim you are completely right and play fair in the case.

So, we lost the video intended for the communities around the world. The video report was ruined. Of course, the AMC lost one successful opportunity to contact our Vietnamese communities as well. We also lost one chance to reach farther to the North West community of the USA. But we lost more, time and expenses for our trip, our honor when your security guard yelled loudly at our video reporter in the Vietnamese crowd.

Dear Mr. Blackburn,

We hope we will come back to AMC shortly. The precious time is not gone yet since our honor was left behind at the GS, the honor of ours you owe. We believe you know that.  Our editors hope that you will have ways to resolve the issue so that we still have chance to come back to AMC to work on the project we planned ahead for the good communication amongst our Vietnamese communities around the world, and that is the way you compensate us the honor we lost, the minimum of the losses we suffered for the failed trip.
We are looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Thank you.

Hoang Hoa (Signed signature)
Editor in chief of SGF
Several AMC’s fans’ videos at Galaxy Stage:

Tuan Hung in Seattle at the Muckleshoot Casino July 3, 2011 (1)

Tuan Hung in Seattle at the Muckleshoot Casino July 3, 2011 (2)

Martin Nievera, The Society of Seven, & Jasmine Trias @ Muckleshoot Casino [01.28.2012] Part 6

KALIMBA performing Earth Wind and Fire's "Serpentine Fire" at the Muckleshoot Casino July 15th, 2011

  1. 2011.

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The Management of Auburn Muckleshoot Casino (AMC) 02/20/2012

Saigon Television and Social Network (SGF)
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Mountain View, CA 94039
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The Management of Auburn  Muckleshoot Casino (AMC)
2402 Auburn Way S., Auburn WA 98002
Phone (800) 804-4944

February 20, 2012
Dear Management:

About the first days of February 2012, SGF knew that there will be a talent selection show to be performed on the Galaxy Stage inside AMC on February 12, 2012. We believe that this is an opportunity to learn more about the Vietnamese community in the Northeast State; therefore, we send Hoan Le, our news reporter to the AMC to make a television report for the Vietnamese communities around the world. At 8:00 pm, Mr. Le was present at the Galaxy Stage and the security on duty permitted him to enter the Stage with his camcorder to take the video of the show. While Mr. Le was taking videos and directed his view on the Stage for about 15 minutes, another security from nowhere came to Mr. Le and ask if Mr. Le was authorized to take video; otherwise, Mr. Le must stop taking the video or else the security will come to take his camcorder. Mr. Le did not have any reactions, but stop taking the video, leave the Galaxy Stage, leave the ACM and texted messages to the editors of SGF in California.
The SGF editors immediately, re-examined the details of the policy of the AMC on the official Web site of the AMC, re-examined the information on the poster of the talent show. On February 14, 2012 at 11:35 am we contacted the AMC and the lady conveyed our call to the Galaxy Stage manager. Since the Galaxy Stage manager was absent, we left a message to the Manager. At 12:37 pm the Galaxy Stage Manager called back and said that the video Mr. Le has taken is not against at all to the policy of the AMC since Mr. Le did not directed his camcorder to any other activities inside the AMC. Therefore, SGF decided to email to the AMC Management its remarks and request as follow:

1.       The video that Mr. Le has taken did not violate the policy of the AMC officially declared on its Web site. In the Asian Nights the AMC does not prohibit the video taking inside the Galaxy Stage. On the poster, there is not any information that prohibits the video taken as well. Inside the AMC, there are no signs that read No Video Taken. Moreover, Mr. Le just directed the Camcorder to the Galaxy Stage and did not take any other activities inside the AMC, or violated AMC customers’ privacy.

2.       The location where Mr. Le stood taking the video did not cover the view, or bother other people because behind him was a big column; furthermore, this show was free admission, the audience was so nice. The security loudly threatened Mr. Le like a criminal to remove the camera before the crowd, and thus, seriously violated the honor of Mr. Le who was working for the news for the communities.
The editors of SGF; therefore, publicly announced a Letter to the AMC regarding the incident happened on the Galaxy Stage on the night of February 12, 2012 as following:

1.       Send this email to the Management of the AMC requesting them to explain the incident the security has wrongly done to Mr. Le and that AMC would release a letter to apologize to SGF about Mr. Le’s honor was violated.

2.       SGF may request the AMC the compensation for the honor Mr. Le was seriously violated while he was hunting news report for the Vietnamese communities; consequently, the video taking was destroyed, and the news and video reports were painfully lost. The compensation includes the expenses for Mr. Le’s trip from California to Washington.
SGF is looking forward to hearing from the AMC’s explanation so that our concern is satisfied. We have compiled a letter to the Vietnamese communities and the news agencies all over the world, the communities of Southern, Northern California, San Francisco, Oregon and Washington; however, we did not send yet and are waiting for your explanation. Thank you.

Hoang Hoa
Editor in chief of Saigon Television and Social Network (SGF)
February 21, 2012